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Heatwave hits Great Britain

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The United States might be experiencing cool Fall weather in some parts of the area, but the hottest October day on record was recorded in Great Britain.

The temperature on the British Isles was recorded today at 85.8 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature was recorded in Gavesend located in the southeast corner of England. This is the highest temperature recorded in England.

According to media reports, this is the highest temperature recorded since records of the temps were first kept in England over a century ago. The previous high was recorded in October of 1985. At that time the temperature was recorded as 84.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is much higher than temperatures are normally in Great Britain. Usually, around this time, the temperatures in England hover around 59 degrees.

Just like parts of the United States have been baking in intense heat and drought the entire summer, most of Britain has experienced a cool wet summer. As such, for many in Great Britain, this is a welcomed respite from the cold and wet. The heatwave is not supposed to last very long, however, and temperatures more normal and expected for this time of year are expected to hit the area by Tuesday.

Temperatures throughout the world have been extreme this year. There has also been extremely wet and severe in some parts, especially in the United States. The Midwest of the United States, for example, has experienced both intense heat followed be intense rains and severe storms. Chicago experienced a wet Spring and has just had a long and intensely wet sequence of days as Fall arrived.

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