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Heavy rain leads to flooding in Midwestern United States

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Over the past several days the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota, among others, have been deluged with rain in the United States. According to the National Weather Service some areas have received 6 to 10 inches of rain Wednesday through Thursday of last week. This has lead the Mississippi River and other tributaries to overflow their banks and flood towns and cities throughout those states. Many of the flooded areas have now been declared disaster areas.

The rain actually paused for a time on Friday. However, residents who are still trying to bail their homes from under water are preparing for more rain to come late Saturday and into Sunday. Sandbagging efforts have continued along the various rivers. So far there have been no losses in life, but the financial hit in areas already hit hard by the recession may be severe.

The flooding has been extensive to public and private property. There have been reports of basements and lower-levels flooded. Foundations of some homes have collapsed after water washed them away. Highways and country roads have been utterly submerged and, in some areas, bridges have been washed out.

Emergencies in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Minnesota and Wisconsin have been hit so hard that their governors have declared emergencies in areas affected by the flood. Minnesota Governor Pawlenty has said he will call a special session of the state legislature to discuss the disaster and to find ways to find aid for those displaced and victimized by the flooding. Evacuations for some areas are continuing throughout the weekend.

In one town, in particular, Arcadia, Wisconsin, 343 homes have been evacuated. The banks of the nearby river, the Trempealeau, have been overrun. The downtown area of the town has been completely flooded, power lines have been brought down and its two main bridges have been completely immersed.

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