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Heidi Klum to go nude in ad for Lifetime’s Project Runway

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The star of the fashion reality show has decided to bare it all in ads for the upcoming ninth season of the popular series to debut later this summer.

Reports are that Klum has yet to sign off on the image, but the one time supermodel is already creating headlines just with the rumors alone. The photo shoot was reportedly held earlier this past week as the show gets ready to start running promotions for its ninth season.

According to celebrity media reports, the story came out during a discussion at the Real Screen’s Factual Entertainment Forum this past Thursday. In the course of a wide variety of topics discussed by Lifetime network’s president and general manager Nancy Dubuc, the photo and the corresponding photo shoot was mentioned. Dubuc stated that the decision to do the photo shoot was part of Lifetime’s recent promotional push to embrace the contemporary modern woman.

Dubuc claims that she has been trying to push the network away from its previous image, which was that of “women in peril” movies and shows. Dubuc claims that the image of the once-top-rated network has been a hindrance in recent years and contributed to declining ratings. Dubuc also claimed that she believed women have changed more in the last 15 years than any other time in history.

As part of this Dubuc has pushed her staff to promote programming featuring women who are brazen, strong, confident and sexy. Klum, a model and mother is a prime example of that kind of aesthetic. The entire forum had been designed by Dubuc to feature the network’s lineup of movies and push towards unscripted reality-type shows.

Dubuc was also willing to admit that putting out a nude photo of the supermodel was a great promotional piece. During the course of the discussion she admitted that it was tougher and tougher to cut through the clutter of other show promotions and that a nude photo of Klum was a great way to get noticed.

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