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Homewood woman dies days after injecting beef fat into face

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A woman in the Chicago suburb of Homewood died just days after injecting her own face with beef fat in an attempt to do self-plastic surgery.

cians who have done an autopsy on her body say that it was not this that caused her death, it is definitely strange. Apparently the woman was trying to do plastic surgery on her own.

According to Chicago media, the woman named Jane Hardt, 63, complained of feeling ill on Thursday. She was found in her south suburban home in an area known as Homewood. She was eventually taken to Advocate South Suburban Hospital. Despite efforts on behalf of the medical staff to save her, she later died in the hospital.

The doctors who were treating her performed and autopsy and that was when they found that Hardt had apparently self-injected beef fat into her face. However, the actual cause of death for her was peritonitis and perforated diverticulitis of the colon.

The woman was known to have undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, however. Plastic surgeons sometimes use fat from a person’s body to inject into other areas when performing cosmetic surgery. However, experts say they were astounded to find that the woman apparently thought that self-injecting the beef fat was acceptable and healthy. Medical officials were quick to point out that doing so was incredibly risky and very dangerous and no one should try doing surgery upon themselves.

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