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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn reportedly close to decision on death penalty ban

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A bill that would ban the death penalty in the state of Illinois has passed the Illinois House and Senate and just waist signature by the Governor Pat Quinn.

There has been a suspension of the death penalty within the state of Illinois since Governor George Ryan was in office. Ryan has recently spoken to local media and said that he suspended the death penalty when he became certain that there were innocent men on Illinois’ Death Row. Now, however, the state is making a move that would permanently remove the death penalty as an option and it just waiting for a signature from Governor Quinn.

According to Chicago media sources, there are rumors leaking from the governor’s office that he is close to making a decision. There are vehement arguments on both sides of the issue. The Illinois State’s Attorney has very passionately argued that juries in cases of particularly brutal or horrendous crimes should be allowed to have the option of the death penalty to consider.

The unnamed sources out of the governor’s office state that Quinn still wants to hear from more people about the pros and cons of banning the death penalty outright. Several of Governor Quinn’s people spoke to member’s of the press this past Thursday.

Quinn has been a vocal proponent of the death penalty. However, when the moratorium on the penalty was due to expire he did allow it to be extended.

The Illinois legislature passed a bill that would eliminate the death penalty entirely. Quinn has until March 18 to sign the bill into law. If he does not sign it, it will still become law, but it will become law without his approval.

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