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Illinois Governor’s race still undecided

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Despite a night of tense vote counting the race for Illinois Governor appears to still be an undecided factor. Around midnight, Republican candidate Bill Brady sent his supporters home and refused to concede. Meanwhile, incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn appears to have come from behind, being down by a few thousand votes at one point, to now take a narrow lead in the race. During one of Quinn’s speeches he all but declared himself the winner.

Brady gave a speech to his supporters in the middle of the night where he stated that “more than 3.5 million votes cast in this election, it’s not going to be decided tonight.” He then sent his supporters home. It appears as if Quinn has done particularly well in places like Chicago, but Brady has done well in rural areas and in southern Illinois.

Trailing by 8,000 votes

By the morning it appeared as if Brady was trailing Quinn by as much as 8,349 votes, which amounts to less than one percentage point. Brady addressed his past history of coming from behind and beating his opponents by narrow margins. In the February primary Brady beat his opponent, Kirk Dillard, by just 192 votes.

Quinn gave a speech in the early mornings where he told his supporters that he believed he would retain the office. However, he stopped just short of declaring himself the winner. He admitted that there were more than 10,000 votes to still be counted.

The votes in the remaining precincts will now be counted. There are also a number of absentee ballots that have yet to be counted. Election officials stated that they believe that the counting might take several days or up to a week yet.

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