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Illinois Governor officially requests federal aid related to Feb. 1 blizzard

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Governor Quinn, from, Illinois, sent an official request to the White House asking for federal aid for dozens and dozens of counties in the state that were affected by the blizzard on February 1.

Quinn released a statement where he acknowledged that most of the snow has since melted. However, some communities and towns throughout the state are still bearing the financial burden related to the clean up after the blizzard. In all, about 60 counties were in the request to be declared federal disaster areas.

According to local media reports the declaration that the areas are disaster areas will allow them access to federal funding that will help them recover from the lingering effects of the storm. The blizzard hit the area back on February 1 and was the third worst blizzard to hit the Chicago area. According to the statement from Quinn, the costs of cleaning up from the blizzard will run in the neighborhood of $64 million.

Quinn made the official request in a letter to President Obama yesterday. He has requested that all 60 counties mentioned in the letter be declared disaster areas. This will allow the communities to file for federal funds that can help with emergency protective measures, debris clean up and repair of damages to various government buildings and utilities.

Now it is up to the White House to approve the request. If they request is approved then the counties of Cook, Will, DuPage and Lake, among others, may be able to be reimbursed for up to 75 percent of eligible expenses related to the storm.

The request came after local agencies, last week, spent time in the affected areas, reviewing the damage and effects from the storm. The state has experienced record snow fall this past February. Just yesterday more severe weather affected areas still trying to recover from the blizzard with high winds, tornadoes and heavy rains.

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