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Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate vows to fight on

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Although he is down by more than 8,000 votes at the moment Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate, and current state senator, Billy Brady announced this morning that he will fight on. He said, in a press conference held this morning, that he believes that he can still win. He also states that he wants to make sure that every vote in Illinois is counted. During the course of the press conference Brady stated that he felt this could be a “30 day process.”

Current Illinois Governor, and Democrat, Pat Quinn also held a press conference this morning. Just about an hour after Brady spoke, Quinn stated that he believed he would be the winner once all of the votes were counted. He stopped just short of declaring himself the outright winner, however.

Quinn currently ahead by 10,000

Currently Quinn has a lead over Brady that comes to about 10,933 votes. However, there are many thousands of votes yet to be counted. The state has a large number of absentee and out-of-state votes yet to count. According to election officials, the counting of the votes in precincts that have yet to be counted, could take up to a month.

Quinn took office after Governor Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed from office under accusations of corruption and trying to sell the senate seat formerly held by president Obama. The race for governor between Quinn and Brady has been particularly nasty with both candidates running ads that hurled insults and accusations at each other.

As for the senate seat that Blagojevich was accused of trying to sell, that was contested between Mark Kirk and Alexi Ginnaoulias. Kirk, a Republican, won the seat.
As for the timeline to determine the next governor for Illinois, a lot depends on the local precinct procedures. For example, it may take up to a month depending on the individual precinct counting and delivery procedures.

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