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Illinois town evacuated after trail derailment threatens residents

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The town of Tiskilwa, in Illinois, has been evacuated over night after a train with a number of tanker cars derailed, causing the tanks to rupture and burst into flames.

The train derailed in the middle of the night and the flames are still rising high into the air. There are reports that the fire can be seen up to ten miles away from the scene of the accident. Fire officials had arrived on the scene, but there were reportedly explosions occurring due to the materials that were burning and they were awaiting the fire to burn itself out a bit before moving in to completely extinguish the flames.

According to media reports, the tanker cars were carrying ethanol and other hazardous chemicals. The spill had created a hazardous materials situation. Reports are that after the cars derailed, they immediately burst into flames and then began exploding. When that happened, officials decided to evacuate the nearby town.

The accident happened near the eastern edge of the town, near a subdivision. In addition to the fire officials and police, Hazmat officials had also been sent to the scene to evaluate what other chemicals might have spilled.

Tiskliwa is a town of about 800 residents. It is located about eight miles south of the town of Princeton and 115 miles west of Chicago. The incident happened at about 2 a.m. and residents were awakened and transported to Princeton High School.

Residents had been calling local Chicago news sources to provide descriptions of he scene. One resident stated that it appeared as if a quarter-mile of train cars were currently burning.

So far there had been no reports of any injuries associated with the derailment, fire or explosions.

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