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Indiana police advise caution after five found dead in rural Indiana

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Indiana State Police are advising residents in rural Indiana after they were called to two houses where at least five people were found dead.

The police were reportedly called when residents in and around the area where the murders happened after being told there was a small child wandering the streets. When they arrived, they found the child wandering and then found something more in two houses in rural Franklin County.

According to media reports, the police are looking for information on what happened to the deaths of four people in one house and the deaths of another person in a house directly across the street. In the one house there were two male and two female people found dead in one house. Then, across the street they found another male dead in that house.

Right now police are unsure of what happened, including who the shooter could have been or how many shooters were involved. Autopsies are scheduled to be done on the bodies on Monday. As of right now, the names of the victims are being withheld until their families have been notified,

Since the police do not have suspects, descriptions of suspects or any information from witnesses, they are advising residents in and around the area of the crime to be cautious. Be careful answering their doors and do not open doors for anyone that they don’t know. They are also advising anyone with information to contact the Indiana police.

Residents should contact 911 if they know anything about the shooting or if they see any suspicious activity.

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