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Israeli Air Force shoots down flying object near nuclear plant

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The Israeli Air Force has reported that an unidentified flying object was shot down after straying into restricted air space over a nuclear facility.

In a case of an unidentified flying object, the Israeli Air Force today admitted that they did indeed shoot down an object that had flown into restricted air space. The object was seen flying over the Dimona nuclear plant which is in the Negev Desert.

The object strayed into no-fly zone. The nuclear plant has a no-fly zone over it. This object was spotted on radar and it drifted over the no-fly zone, which caused aircraft from a nearby military base, according to reports to the media from the Israeli military. The aircraft then confirmed that the object was shot out of the sky.

Exactly what the object was remains a mystery. There is a theory that it may simply have been a party balloon. However, so far, no one has been able to find any remains of the object to determine its origin or what it was..

According to the Israeli Defense Force, the planes that were scrambled followed protocol and acted appropriately when they shot down the object. Some reports have indicated that the flying object had a motor and was not just a balloon floating in the wind, according to a CNN report.

Last year the Israeli Defense Force had intercepted an ultralight aircraft that had flown into the restricted area. The airplanes forced the pilot to land the small aircraft.

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