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James Cameron gets set to make "Avatar" sequels

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Academy Award Winning movie director James Cameron has cleared his schedule and announced today that he will be making two sequels to his box office champion movie “Avatar.” The first movie has become the highest grossing movie of all time and was nominated for a number of Academy Awards. He has agreed to make the two sequels his next two film projects along with Fox Films.

Cameron made the announcement today stating that he had always envisioned the movies as “an epic fantasy.” He also said he was looking forward to revisiting the fictional world of Pandora. He stated the next two films will explore different phases of that world.

“Avatar” has now taken in almost $2.8 billion worldwide. When it was released on Blu-ray DVD it became the best-selling Blu-ray disc of all time.

Cameron canceled other film projects for Avatar sequels

Cameron had been exploring other film options when he made the deal with Fox and then the announcement today. One of the proposed projects was a film about Cleopatra. The plan was for that film to star Angelina Jolie in the title role. With the announcement today of his plans for “Avatar” that movie project now seems on hold.

Cameron has stated that he hoped he would make sequels for “half the price and in half the time.” He stated that he now know the method he used to make the first movie is a successful formula. Coming up with that formula for the first film took two years. Cameron had been working on the plot for the first movie for nearly ten years.

“Avatar” is also the movie credited (or perhaps blamed, in some opinions) for the 3D craze that currently permeates Hollywood. The sequels would, of course, be made using the same 3D process Cameron used for the first movie.

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