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John Deere recalls over 15,000 lawn tractors over fear of cutting users

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The people at John Deere have decided to recall 15,500 lawn tractors because a braking problem can cause the users of the tractors to be cut by the spinning blades.

The problem centers around the blade brake. The problem causes the blades to continue to spin even after the blade brake has been engaged. This can cause the user of the lawn tractor to get cut if they are not careful or if they are trying to remove debris from the blade area.

According to media reports, the recall involves John Deere tractors sold at John Deere dealerships, Lowes and Home Depot stores. The models are green with yellow seats. They also bear the model numbers D100, D110, D120 and D130. All of the recalled tractors have the 42-inch Edge Cutting System mower deck.

The problem with the blade break involves hardware that becomes engaged to hold the blade in place. The recall issue causes that hardware to break. This can then cause the bladed to keep spinning longer than normal, and past the time someone who had shut off the mower might think the blades would still be spinning. This could cause a user of the tractor to think the blades had stopped and reach under to clear debris, only to end up with a nasty cut.

John Deere and the Consumer Products Safety Commission issued a statement suggesting that anyone owning these mowers should stop using them right away. Anyone with questions about what they should do with their mower is requested to contact John Deere at 1-800-537-8233.

John Deere is based out of Moline, Illinois, not far from Chicago. It is one of the world’s largest producers of lawn mowers and tractors. It also makes general farming equipment, construction equipment, forestry and landscaping equipment. It is famous for its colors of yellow and green.

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