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Judge to determine Jared Loughner’s mental condition

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The man who is currently locked up and accused of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords currently sits in a Springfield, MO, prison where his mental condition will be decided upon.

It has been a back-and-forth battle for those who want to continue to give Loughner medication to treat his diagnosed schizophrenia. When he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial for the shooting that took several lives and injured many more back in May, the judge ordered him to receive treatment for his mental illness at the Springfield facility. He was to receive up to four months of treatment and then a judge would determine if he was now able to stand trial.

According to media reports, however, Loughner refused treatment. Then, on June 21, a judge ordered that he be given the medication forcefully. At that time the judge determined that Loughner was a danger to himself and others. Loughner’s lawyers had an objection to that and petitioned the courts to have the medication stopped and they succeeded. On July 2, the medication was stopped.

According to reports, however, Loughner just kept getting worse. Medical personnel at the prison said that Loughner was depressed and began talking very slowly. He also claimed that the radio was sending him messages and putting messages into his head. He also began pacing in his cell and randomly screaming and then crying for hours.

Things began to get worse for Loughner. In mid-July he reportedly told a doctor that he wished the prison would kill him and give him an lethal injection. At that point he was ordered to start receiving medication and a federal court decided not to make a decision about stopping the medication.

Now Loughner is receiving medication and treatment in the Springfield prison. Come September, a judge will once again determine if the medication and treatment has had any kind of success. At that point, at judge will determine if Jared Loughner is mentally fit to stand trial.

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