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Lead Mexican investigator in Falcon Lakes case reported murdered

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The lead investigator in Mexico who was looking to the case of tourists who were shot at while on Falcon Lake has been murdered. Not only has he been murdered, but he has been murdered brutally. His severed head was delivered to the Mexican military in a suitcase. The report comes from Texas representative Aaron Pena, speaking to CNN.

The statement has not been confirmed by Mexican authorities, however. The state’s attorney of the state of Tamaulipas stated that he had not heard the report.

According to Pena, Rolando Armando Flores Villegas had been murdered by the drug cartel accused of committing the murder of David Hartley. He went on to state that the man’s body had been butchered, with his head placed in a suitcase and delivered to the military as a warning.

Flores had been among a number of investigators who spend the day Monday working on the case and searching the lake which straddles the U.S./Mexican border. After a day of searching the investigators all headed home. However, Flores’ wife came back to the station on Tuesday morning and said her husband had never come home. Reportedly, shortly thereafter the suitcase arrived at the same station.

The strange tale of pirates

The investigators are looking into the case that has caught the attention of the United States and further highlighted the violence that is exploding in Mexico and the drug wars going on there. David and Tiffany Hartley were two tourists who went out onto Falcon Lake. The lake is really a reservoir that is on both sides of the border with just posts in the water to indicate where the border is.

The couple went into Mexican territory to take photographs of a sunken church there. According to Tiffany, men in a boat and bearing high-powered weapons began shooting at them. As they attempted to flee, her husband was reportedly shot off of his jet ski. Tiffany went back to help but came under intense fire herself. The jet ski and David’s body have yet to be found.

Earlier this week authorities in Mexico finally lent credence to her story after witnesses came forward to corroborate Tiffany’s tale. In fact, Mexican investigators found themselves under fire while looking for the body. The authorities also had named the drug cartel and those who they felt committed the crime.

Today, the suitcase was left in front of the military compound located at Miguel Aleman. That is right across from Roma, Texas and not far from Falcon Lake. Authorities in Mexico have reportedly been deeply shaken after the discovery.

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