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Man accused as “Honey Bee Killer” due in court today

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The man who has been arrested and charged with murder, Brian Dorian, and known to some in the Chicago area as the “Honey Bee Killer” is due in court for the first time today. This a day after friends and family of the ex-cop from suburban Lynwood gathered to show their support for him and proclaim his innocence. The court appearance to day is to be formally charged and to enter his plea.

Dorian was a member of the Lynwood police force but was on medical leave due to a shoulder injury. He is accused of shooting three people in Illinois and Indiana last week. One of those shot was killed. The other two are still in the hospital recovering from their wounds. The shooter reportedly spoke to one of his victims, a farmer, about honey bees before shooting which has given the nickname of the “Honey Bee Killer.”

Supporters include other policemen

Among the supporters who appeared before the press as supporters included his former supervisor on the police force, Sgt. Tim Smith. Smith asserted that Dorian was innocent and that he would not abandon his friend despite the accusations. Smith claims, as does Dorian’s brother and his father, that he is completely incapable of committing the crimes he is accused of.

One of the victims, however, is saying that he is absolutely certain Dorian is the right man. When he was shown a police line-up that included Dorian, he picked the ex-police officer.

So far those who are investigating the crimes have been unable to come up with the alleged murder weapon. The police and Will County Sheriff’s department have also yet to reveal how they arrived at the decision that Dorian was the man responsible for the shootings. There are only rumors that his arrested stemmed from a traffic stop. At one point police were stopping all pickup trucks that looked like the one described as the gunman’s.

Dorian has had an interesting past. In 2006 he was involved in a fatal car accident that killed a 17-year-old high school boy. Dorian claimed the young man was speeding through a stop sign, but others have said this was not the case. The case was settled out of court

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