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Man accused in fatal wrong-way car crash had multiple DUIs

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A man who drove the wrong way down I-88 over the weekend, causing fatal multi-car crash, has been revealed as a dentist from Naperville, Illinois, who had multiple DUIs.

The police have revealed public records that show that the man accused of causing the fatal accident had been stopped multiple times. He was accused, in prior incidents, of having open alcohol containers in his car and driving while impaired.

According to media reports, the police have revealed that the man’s name is Dr. William A. Howe, from Naperville. His dental practice is in nearby Aurora, Illinois. However, more records reveal just how badly Dr. Howe was in trouble.

The media is reporting that Dr. Howe’s Naperville home was in foreclosure. He was underwater by $100,000 and he had recently closed his dental practice.

Howe is accused of driving while under the influence of drugs. He is now also accused of being behind the wheel of a Porsche this past Saturday night. He was reportedly seen heading east bound and the turning into the westbound lane, while still heading east. The resulting accident killed two people, a woman and her father.

Police so far are not able to confirm that Howe was throwing money out of the car, as has been reported by some witnesses, shortly before he turned into the wrong lane. There are those who believe that it was a suicide attempt.

Killed in the accident was Farnaza Ali, 37 and her father, Sherali Shalwani, 74. Howe was also injured and remains in the hospital in critical condition. Others were also injured in the accident and at least one other remains in critical condition.

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