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Man in Batman mask foiled in robbery

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A man wearing a Batman mask attempted to rob another man in the Edgewater neighborhood in Chicago Sunday night. However, he did not get very far, nor did he show the legendary super heroes ability to get out of a tight situation, when he crashed his car shortly after the attempted robbery and was arrested by police. In fact, he crashed his own car into two vehicles near by.

According to a report from the man who was held up and the police another man wearing a Batman mask approached the victim near the intersection of North Clark Street and West Catalpa on the North Side. The victim was then asked for his money as the “caped crusader” attempted to hold him up. He was not successful.

Attempted robber had no gun

The victim told police that he could see that the attempted robber had no weapon. As such, he did not give up any of his money. Eventually the robber decided he had waited long enough and tried to run away. He got into his car and tried to speed away from the scene, but ended up crashing into a parked car. After his Toyota Camry hit that vehicle, it rebounded into traffic and hit a moving vehicle.

Police then arrived at the scene and arrested the costumed man at around 10:50 p.m. Fortunately no one was seriously injured. The identity of his victim and the man in the mask has not been identified by police.

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