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Man believed to be victim of John Wayne Gacy found alive

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A man who was believed to have been another victim of the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy has been found alive and well and living in Florida.

A man named Harold Wayne Lovell went off to his job over thirty years ago. When he did not return, his family thought that he had fallen into the clutches of one of the most infamous serial killers in American history, John Wayne Gacy. However, his mother never gave up hope that somehow, some he was still alive. It now turns out she was right.

According to media reports, Lovell fled his home back in the late 1970s due to unspecified family problems. He had not idea, according to his own statements, that his family thought he might be dead. He does, however, admit that he met and worked for Gacy.

Lovell says that he did yard work for Gacy back in the day to raise money to try and repair his car. He also says that Gacy repeatedly tried to get him into his home. However, he always managed to avoid entering. When Gacy’s crimes were discovered, it turned out he committed his crimes within his home and even buried a number of his victims in his crawlspace.

The problem started when Lovell’s mother identified several items that belonged to him when police uncovered Gacy’s activities. Gacy kept items from his victims, as many serial killers have been known to do. Lovell says that he has no idea why Gacy might have had those items, but admits that they were his.

Two weeks ago the Cook County Sheriff’s department renewed attempts to try and identify some of the victims known to be unidentified or found during Gacy’s rampage. When it was announced that the Sheriff’s department was going to renew their activities to identify the victims, Lovell’s family came forward and pushed them to try and find Lovell.

Lovell and his family were reunited in Alabama this week.

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