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Man with gunshot wound to the head drives himself to the hospital

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A Chicago man who was shot in the back of his head managed to remain lucid enough to get into his car and drive himself to the hospital.

The incident evidently happened early Monday morning in the 1300 block of East 74th street on Chicago’s south side. The 36-year-old man was in his Ford Focus when the shooting incident happened. The man was driving down the street when the gunshot apparently pierced his car and struck him in the head.

According to Chicago media reports, the man was able to drive himself six blocks to the Jackson Park Hospital and Medical Center. Once there, he was still conscious enough to tell doctors and emergency room technicians what had happened. They immediately contacted the police and he was still lucid enough to tell the police what happened, as well.

The entire incident happened at about 12:03 a.m. on Labor Day. The shooting took place in the Grand Crossing neighborhood on the historic Chicago south side.

The man was reportedly treated in the hospital and stabilized. He was eventually transferred to a larger hospital. The unidentified man was transferred to John H. Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County. There was no further word on his condition except that he had been stabilized.

The Chicago Police stated that they were still trying to gather information about what happened and where the shooter might have been. They had no details or suspect information to give to the media. They also stated that no arrests had been made and there was no clear motive. It was also unclear if the drive was caught in the crossfire or if the driver was the intended target.

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