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Man proposes to his girlfriend at 32,000 feet in the air

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The couple originally met on a flight from New York to Chicago and, two years later, Arvin Shandiz and Alexandra Williams decided to become engaged on another one.

The original meeting was on a Delta flight between the two major cities. She apparently made fun of him for having a carry-on bag that was too big for the overhead compartment. This past Friday, Shandiz was hoping to recapture some of that original flight when he decided it would be the perfect place to pop the question.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the crew of the Delta Airlines flight were in on the entire thing and were waiting for the big moment. Shandiz had stuck the engagement ring in his pocket and when the plane reached its cruising level of 32,000 feet Shandiz decided to get up and use the restroom.

However, minutes went by and Williams had no idea where Shandiz had disappeared. She thought maybe he had gotten sick. Suddenly, however, his voice came over the intercom. It was at that point that the entire flight knew that a proposal was about to happen.

The plane was over Pennsylvania and Williams burst into tears. She said yes. It was then that the flight crew popped open bottles of champagne and everyone on board realized that the crew and the pilots were in on it. A small celebration erupted.

Williams has stated that she had no idea that Shandiz had planned to do this. Once the plane landed in Chicago the couple were greeted at the gate by members of Delta Airlines. The gate had been decorated for them and they were given a free honeymoon package from Delta.

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