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Member of Emanuel’s transition team resigns

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Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s transition team announced that a member of the team, Judy Erwin, has already resigned due to a previous ethics violation at a prior job.

The word came out today from a spokesperson from Emanuel’s team announcing that Erwin had decided to resign to prevent any kind of scandal affecting Emanuel’s transition into the job. Erwin also released a statement saying that she wanted to resign to prevent there being a distraction during this key time for Emanuel.

Local media reports announced the resignation early Saturday morning. Erwin was, previously, the executive director of the Illinois Board of Education. During her time there she admitted to using her office phone and her email address while campaigning for Barack Obama when he rant for President in 2008. That is an ethics violation according to Illinois state rules.

Erwin admitted that she ultimately cooperated with investigators. She ended up paying a $4,000 fine and had to promise not to work for the state again. She then resigned from the position last August.

Both Emanuel and Erwin stated that they did not know she had resigned under those circumstances. In fact, statements to the media state that no one involved in Emanuel’s campaign or on his team knew that she had been involved in an ethics violation.

Rahm Emanuel is the former White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama. He was just elected as the new mayor of the city of Chicago. He stated that he wanted to run for the office if Richard Daley decided not to re-run for the office. When Daley decided not to run for re-election last year Emanuel stated he would run. He won in a landslide victory this past week.

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