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Microsoft files lawsuit against Motorola over Android smartphones

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In another move to try and gain dominance in the popular smartphone market the company Microsoft filed a lawsuit claiming patent infringement against Motorola. The software company claims that Motorola, a former partner in the business of producing smartphones, took software created by Microsoft and sold it as their own. Microsoft claims nine patents were infringed upon.

Motorola and Microsoft had been partners with Microsoft providing software for the phone-maker’s smartphone line. However, over the past few years, the relationship has become strained as Motorola began to turn more and more toward the popular Android platform for its phones. Microsoft charges phone makers for the use of its software and Google’s Android platform is free.

Microsoft is getting set to launch a new version if its mobile software.

The company is looking to try and win back some of the market share that is currently dominated by Apple and Android platforms. The Android platform was created by Google.

According to the lawsuit the nine patents in question are regarding email synchronization, calendars, contacts, meeting scheduling and applications notification of changes in signal strength and power left in the battery.

Motorola says it has yet to receive a copy of the lawsuit and had no comment about it. The company did say it would “vigorously defend itself” however. Google has announced that it is disappointed with Microsoft’s decision and claimed innovation in the smartphone software sector could be threatened by setting this precedent.

The smartphone industry has become a tangled web of lawsuits in recent years as phone manufacturers attempt to cling to the lucrative market. Last year Finnish phone maker Nokia sued Apple over patents. Apple then sued HTC Corporation over patents. Oracle Corporation has also filed a lawsuit against Google regarding the Android software platform.

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