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Military plane drops refueling hose on home in San Diego

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The lucky thing is that no one was injured. The bad thing is that a homeowner in San Diego had his Saturday disturbed when a military plane flying over the house dropped a part onto the home. The military has confirmed that it was a refueling hose that fell on the structure and there was little damage and it was unclear if anyone was actually home when the incident occurred.

A Major Jay Delarosa of the Marie Corps from Air Station Miramar made an announcement to the press earlier this afternoon that the military had launched an investigation into the incident. The hose is a heavy-duty refueling hose from a C-130 Hercules plane. The hose fell on the house in the late morning.

The house did sustain some roof damage. The home is located in the Carmel Mountains just north of where the Marine base is located and well within the path of passing military airplanes. Whether or not there was anyone actually inside the home when the hose fell is unknown.

Delarosa confirmed that there was probably a small amount of jet fuel still inside the hose when it fell. This did create a hazardous materials concern. Hazmat crews from the Marine Corps arrived at the scene to remove the part and clean up any chemicals.

Not far from the home the annual Miramar Air Show was going on. Thousands of spectators were watching airplanes passing before them on the airbase. The incident did not disrupt the show.

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