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Millions of dead fish washing up near wharf in California

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Experts are trying to figure out what has caused an estimated million fish, mostly sardines and other small fish, have floated to the surface dead near a wharf near Redondo Beach, California.

The reports are that those who live near the marina or in boats that are docked at the marina woke up to the horrible smell of millions of dead fish. The incident has happened just south of Los Angeles and left fish and wildlife experts puzzled and the seals in the area feasting on the dead fish.

Local media reports showed photos of the thousands upon thousands of dead fish floating in the harbor. Residents said that they awoke to the sound of what they thought was hail or rain. When the looked over the side of their boats they saw the hundreds of thousands of fish near the surface apparently gasping for air.

There are some theories about what might have caused this most recent mass animal kill. Some biologists have suggested that it may have been oxygen deprivation after a storm drove the huge population of fish into a closed-off area such as the wharf. They suggested that that many fish in one area deprived the fish of oxygen and caused the fish deaths.

Experts are already saying that there does not appear to be any chemicals or problems with the water. There also appears to be no sign of anything illegal or environmental that might have caused the problem.

Such fish kills, evidently, are not unheard of, although they are rare. Earlier this year a mass death of birds caused people to postulate theories from environmental concerns to the end of the world. These reports were also followed by reports of other fish kills from around the world. However, experts say that these events do happen and isn’t necessarily related to anything in the water or global warming.

Right now biologists are working to remove the fish from the area. The fish carcasses are being loaded onto a skip loader after being removed from the water with buckets and nets. The skip loader then deposits them in huge trash bins. The fish will also be tested.

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