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Missing man from Chicago’s south side returns home

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A man who vanished on May 14 has suddenly returned home to his family on the south side of Chicago, but the police are keeping details of his absence a secret.

Wilson Barajas was a graduate from the University of Illinois, Chicago. In fact, he had just graduated from the school on May 5. He is considered, by friends and family, as a normal and bright student with a bright future. Then, for some reason, he vanished on May 14, from his south side Chicago home.

According to Chicago media reports, however, Barajas has now returned home. The circumstances around his disappearance are strange, to say the least.

He graduated from UIC on May 5 with two Master’s Degrees. After he graduated he took a celebratory trip to Italy. He came home from his planned vacation to Italy early, however, because he said he was not feeling well. He returned to his family’s home on the south side of Chicago and seemed to be getting better.

Then, about a week ago, he told his mother he was going for a walk. After that, his family did not see him again until he returned home last night. That was May 14 and his family was frantic. The police were alerted and a search was conducted.

Now, however, the police have decided not to release any details, so far, about where he was or what might have happened to him during the week he was missing.

When he vanished, Barajas left behind his wallet, credit cards and cash. He did take his cell phone, but his family and friends said that he did not call anyone and there did not appear to be any activity on his phone. He had been scheduled for a doctor’s appointment the following Monday after his disappeared.

His family stated to authorities that they could think of no reason why he would vanish. They stated he had no known enemies and was not involved in anything illegal or illicit. The circumstances of where he was remains a puzzlement.

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