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Missing New Hampshire girl, Celina Cass, found in river near home

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Sadly for family members and searchers the body of 11-year-old Celina Cass was found dead in a river not far from her home and police say the death is still suspicious.

The death is still being treated as a possible crime because, as investigators told the press, it is believed that her body was placed in the river. The body was found Monday in a stretch of river that was near a hydroelectric dam.

According to media reports, Cass disappeared on July 25. She was last seen in her home and, in fact, in her bedroom when she vanished. Her home is about a half mile from the hydroelectric dam where she was found. The dam crosses the Connecticut River and is between Stewartsown and Canaan, Vermont.

Other strange occurrences happened earlier in the day. Cass’ stepfather was taken for medical attention when he was seen wandering around in their driveway acting strange. Neighbors say that he was taken to the hospital after he was seen repeatedly lying face down in the driveway and rolling around.

Cass’ disappearance had made national news. A huge search had been initiated looking for the girl. Police and searchers had been scanning the ground via ground searches and from the air. The FBI had offered a reward of $25,000 for information leading to the discovery of the girl. A different reward had been offered by anonymous sources for $5,000.

Cass’ stepfather, Wendell Noyes, had been in the hospital the weekend she vanished. Reports are that he sought treatment after supposedly threatening an ex-girlfriend. This past weekend he was not in the hospital and made appeals for her safe return on local media.

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