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Missing suburban teen found alive-and-well in Chicago

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The relatives of missing suburban teen Raquel "Rachel" Bonilla breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when the teen was found safe in a Chicago hotel.

Bonilla is from the northwestern Chicago suburb of Schaumburg and is 16-years-old. She was last heard from last Wednesday when she sent a text to her mother. She was found in a hotel located at the 7700 block of Cicero Avenue in the city of Chicago with a 27-year-old Chicago man who has yet to be identified.

According to Chicago media reports, the two of them were taken into police custody and then Bonilla’s family was notified that she had been found. Investigators had found a notebook in her locker at school that had notes in it indicating she had plans of leaving her home and suburb of her own initiative.

Bonilla’s mother received a text message last Wednesday at about 1:50 p.m. The message indicated that she intended to stay late after school to make up some quizzes that she had recently missed due to being out with the flu. Her mother then became concerned when, later that night, she still had not returned home. It was then that she notified police.

The police report then launched a massive search by friends and relatives. They distributed fliers throughout the city and suburbs. There was also the launching of a Facebook page dedicated to the teen.

As of right now there is no statement from police over what they believe happened or why she ran away. There have also been no reports of any charges filed at this time.

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