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Mississippi voters reject anti-abortion amendment to state constitution

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The proposed amendment was known as the "personhood" amendment and would have defined that life started at the very moment of conception, but voters have rejected the amendment.

The decision on the amendment happened Tuesday, and was one of the most closely-watched elections across the nation. As of late Tuesday night, with 85 percent of the precincts reporting, 58 percent of the voters had decided against the amendment.

According to reports in the media, it would have been the first time a state had legally defined when life begins. In this case, it would have defined a person as existing from the moment an egg is fertilized. The amendment was also controversial because it would have outlawed abortions even in cases where the mother’s health was in extreme danger as well as incest and rape. The amendment would also have banned any birth control devices or infertility procedures that could harm or destroy embryos.

Mississippi is only the latest state to attempt something similar. So far, those who have been in favor of state constitutional amendments to outlaw abortion have not been successful in getting them passed. A similar measure was defeated in Colorado in 2008 and then again 2010.

Proponents and opponents of the measure were out speaking to the media last night. Proponents say that they are willing to try again as soon as they can. Opponents say that the proposed amendment was dangerous for women and would have prevented medical procedures that would have saved women’s lives.

Proponents of the measure are hoping to ultimately repeal Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that ultimately made abortion legal in the United States.

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