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Mom dies rescuing 5 children from fire in Louisville

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A mother of three small children and an aunt to two more died after running into the flames and smoke to rescue them. The fire started at about 7 a.m Thursday morning in Louisville, Kentucky. The five children were in an upstairs room when the house became filled with smoke and no one was able to escape. 31-year-old Tomorroa Finley began tossing the children from the window to neighbors below.

Neighbor Karey Hudson and another neighbor ran to the home when the blaze became evident. They stood below the window of the apartment where the mother and children were. As Finely stayed in the room above, smoke filling the room around her, they caught the children as they were tossed from the open window.

Cases of smoke inhalation

According to fire officials the children were rushed to Kosair Children’s Hospital due to smoke inhalation. From all indications from the hospital the children should survive. Three of the children were Finley’s own and the other two were nieces.

As for Finley, smoke inhalation appears to be the cause of her death. According to fire officials the room where Finley was is actually a living room but it was being used as a sleeping area when the fire broke out. What caused the fire is still under investigation.

Fire officials have said that Finley was on the first floor when the fire began. When the smoke alarm went off she ran upstairs to the room where the children were. Finley’s children are aged 9 and she had 3-year-old twins. The nieces she saved were 5 and 2.

The arson squad is now investigating the cause of the fire. Roughly 30 firefighters responded to the blaze.

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