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More bird death mysteries but this time in Louisiana

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About 500 dead blackbirds were found on a Louisiana Highway on Monday mere days after 5,000 of the birds were found dead in Arkansas.

The same day that results of the birds that were found in Arkansas were released, 500 more of the birds were found near a highway in Louisiana. The discovery has raised concerns among the general population and causing some to worry about disease or even talk about the end of the world. However, authorities and gaming officials assure the public that such mass bird deaths are not uncommon.

The birds were found near Highway 1 near the town of Point Coupee. The birds discovered were most red-winged blackbirds, which were the same breed as the kind found dead in a square-mile radius in Arkansas. That particular breed of blackbird is one of the most common in the country with an population estimated in the range of 200 million.

The bird carcasses were gathered up and will be tested by the National Wildlife Health Center. The birds will be studied to determine what caused their deaths. According to data from the U.S. Geological Survey, there have been 16 such incidents in the last 30 years where more than 1,000 blackbirds died all at once.

Blackbirds have poor eyesight and can be easily startled which can lead them to collide with stationary objects. The birds found dead in Arkansas were determined to have died due to stress. Authorities believe that loud noises from fireworks on New Years Eve caused the birds to panic and then collide with homes and other objects and even the ground.

The birds in Louisiana were found near a power line. Theories already abound that something might have startled the birds so that they ran directly into the power lines. Several of the birds were found with broken necks, backs and other traumatic injuries.

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