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More deadly tornadoes hit mid-section of the United States

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Overnight more severe weather hit areas of the United States already exhausted from dealing with severe weather, resulting in the deaths of at least 9 people over three states.

Another system of violent weather moved through the middle section of the United States overnight. This is the same area that has already experienced an abnormal number of Spring tornadoes. The states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas were under the gun this time and there are reports of more deaths and extensive damage.

According to reports from the media, even the Joplin, Missouri, area heard tornado sirens again overnight. This is the area that was nearly wiped off the map just a couple of days ago. This time, however, the area only saw lightning and some high winds, but escaped the twisters.

Other areas were not so lucky. The National Weather Service explained that a tornado was reported at nearly a mile wide that hit the town of Denning, Arkansas early on Wednesday morning, at about 12:15 a.m. Reports out of Denning are that power lines are down, gas lines have been ruptured and that at least four homes were completely destroyed.

Reports out of Arkansas were that two people were killed in that state. That total brought the number of dead from storms that formed Tuesday night and ran into Wednesday morning to nine people.

Oklahoma also got hit hard. Huge tornadoes destroyed homes and wiped them cleanly off their foundations. Trees were splintered into matchsticks and cars were picked up and thrown off of highways. Reports are that five people were killed in that state.

In Kansas, police reported that two people were killed there when high winds took a tree and threw it into their van. The highway near Wichita was shut down due to damage to the road from twisters.

The storm system stretched beyond those states. In Texas, near Dallas, tornado sirens were also heard. More cities and towns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area were under a tornado watch for much of the night as powerful thunderstorms ripped through the area. Reports of funnel clouds were reported throughout the state of Texas.

One of the hardest hit areas was Oklahoma City. Tornadoes struck that area right at the height of rush hour, causing extensive damage.

The storm system now continues to move East. Areas of Illinois were under severe storm watches and warnings this morning. The system is expected to collide with cooler, more stable air, however, as the day wears on and reduce in intensity.

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