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More weather woes are forecast for California and West Coast

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After a weekend that saw torrential rain and snow in certain places the western coast of the United States could be seeing more bad weather.

It was a tough weekend for people living in Northern California as a huge weather system dumped inches of rain and feet of snow up and down the western coast of the United States. Now, weather forecasts are calling for a repeat of that event now that Monday has arrived.

A winter storm warning was in effect for parts of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The warning ran from Yosemite to Kings Canyon, according to reports to the media and by the National Weather Service.

Over the weekend the storm system dumped feet of snow in the higher elevations near California. Although that’s good news for the ski resorts located there, it is treacherous for drivers or travelers who have to cross through the mountainous regions.

In addition to the snow California saw more than a foot of rain over the weekend. The largest amount of rain fell in just a 24-hour period. There is now a worry over mudslides and flooding.

The storm system affected other areas of the western coast, as well. Seattle, for example, had high winds that knocked down power lines and left large portions of the population in the dark. In Spokane, Washington, weather in higher elevations caused driving hazards as they slide on snowy and icy roads.

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