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The most pirated major motion pictures of 2010

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James Cameron’s award-winning film "Avatar" is at the top of the list when it comes to films that were the most pirated in 2010. The film is followed by the super-hero movie "Kick-Ass."

"Avatar" is already the highest-grossing movie of all time and won several Academy Awards for its special effects. The movie is also credited with ushering in the modern movie obsession with making movies in 3D. The stats about the pirated movies comes from and they reported that the film was downloaded from their pirate movie website 16,580,000 times, which is a record.

"Kick-Ass" came out in the Spring and did moderately well at the box office. During its run in the theaters it earned about $48 million. However, the movie download site stated that it was downloaded 11.4 million times.

Coming in at the third place position with a download total of 9.7 million times is the dream-stealing mind-bending Christopher Nolan film "Inception." The movie did well at the box office and stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

In fact, DiCaprio seems to be a popular star when it comes to pirated movies that can be downloaded online. Following “Inception” is his Martin Scorsese-directed film "Shutter Island." The Robert Downey, Jr., vehicle "Iron Man 2" came next and had been downloaded 8,810,000 times. The winner of Best Motion Picture, "The Hurt Locker," was next in line and had 6.85 million downloads.

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