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Mother accused of murdering 4-year-old appears in court

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The mother accused of murdering her own 4-year-old daughter appeared in court today and said that she was trying to save her daughter from a nightmarish existence. Marci M. Webber appeared before a judge today for a hearing and some details of the case were released that had not been mentioned before. First, Webber claimed she was trying to spare her daughter from being sold as an internet sex slave. Second, near the body of the little girl, scrawled in blood on the wall, were the words “Divine Mercy.”

Police outlined that they entered the home and went upstairs where they entered the bathroom. They found the body of the young girl in the bathtub. On the wall, in her own blood, were the words “Divine Mercy.”

Bond set at $5 million

At the hearing earlier today the bond for Webber was set at $5 million. She has been formally charged with first-degree murder in the death of Magdalene Webber.

Police also revealed that Magdalene had been drugged and was unconscious during the fatal attack. Medical officials, however, stated that it is possible that she was awake when her mother used a 4-inch kitchen knife to slash her throat. Her throat was cut so deeply that authorities say they believe the blade of the knife touched her spine.

Webber then apparently tried to kill herself by slashing her own throat and her wrist. However, the police arrived and she was taken to the hospital. After she was saved she was transferred to the DuPage County Jail.

It is theorized that Webber will enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. A mental examination has been ordered.

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