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Mother asking for body to exhumed to determine if son was victim of John Wayne Gacy

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The notorious serial murders by executed killer John Wayne Gacy still haunt the Chicago area and still raise their heads as a mother wants to find proof that one of those buried was her son and one of his victims.

Sherry Marino was told, all those years ago, when the grisly find of bodies beneath Gacy’s home was discovered, that her son was among those found. Gacy was convicted of murdering 35 young men and boys and he buried many of them around his house located at 8213 W. Summerdale in unincorporated Norwood Park Township. Sherry Marino was told that her missing son Michael was found there.

Now, according to Chicago’s CBS affiliate, there are doubts that this was true. Michael had gone missing on October 24, 1976. He was 14 when he vanished. When the bodies, 33 of them, were dug up from Gacy’s crawlspace beneath his house, Michael’s body was one of those identified. Sherry Marino says, now, that she has always doubted that this was correct.

Now, her attorney, Robert M. Stephenson, has filed papers to have the body exhumed. New evidence has surfaced that casts further doubts on whether or not the police correctly identified Michael’s body at the time.

Michael went missing back in 1976 on the same day as his friend Kenneth Parker. When the bodies were found at Gacy’s home both Michael and Kenneth were identified by police. They were the youngest victims among the many found on Gacy’s property.

The strange thing about it was that Gacy’s crimes, and the bodies he had buried, were discovered in December of 1978. Michael and Kenneth’s bodies were not identified by the coroner until March of 1980. It is that delay that has always bothered Sherry Marino.

Other things have since cropped up that further cast doubt. For example, the clothing found on the body did not match any clothing owned by Michael Marino. Plus, dental records from Michael Marino’s history, furnished at the time the bodies were found, showed discrepancies between the records and the body. The body showed a full set of second molars, but Michael’s adult molars had not yet come in when he disappeared.

Another interesting discrepancy is that the body showed the victim had previously broken his collar bone. Sherry Marino says her son, at least to her knowledge, had never broken his.

Gacy was arrested, tried and convicted of murdering 35 young men. There are many who believe he may have committed many more crimes. He was executed by lethal injection in May of 1994.

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