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Motorola announces new cheaper family-friendly tablet

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Not too long ago Motorola announced their entry into the world of tablet PCs with the Xoom, but many found the price too high and now Motorola is changing that.

The announcement came today from Motorola Mobility Holdings, which, earlier this year, it was announced would be purchased by Google. The Xoom uses the Google-invented Android operating system. When the Xoom first debuted there were many who labeled it an “iPad killer”, but it soon showed not to be the case with a very high price.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the company, based in the Chicago area, has announced it will be releasing a cheaper version of the Xoom this Saturday. Calling the new tablet “family friendly” the company also announced that the price of the new tablet will be $379.

Motorola is pitching the tablet towards kids, but the differences between this new Xoom for $379 and the version that sells for nearly $500 is that the new version has about 16GB of memory. That’s about half of the more expensive version.

The Xoom tablets are sold at places like Best Buy and Target. A statement from Best Buy says that the price of the tablet will eventually rise to $399. When the Xoom first debuted back in February of 2011, it was priced at nearly $800. To many, this priced it out of contention to be a real threat to the cheaper and more popular iPad.

Even though the new Xoom is expected to rise in price, it will still be about $100 cheaper than the entry level iPad 2. The iPad, meanwhile, has continued its dominance in the tablet market. Although competitors continually enter the market, such as with its Kindle Fire, none of them have truly challenged the iPad dominance. Currently the iPad counts for three-quaters of the tablets shipped.

Motorola announced that it has sold more than 690,000 Xoooms since it was introduced in February. Motorola quickly reduced the price of the tablet even back then. Just a month after introducing the 3G version sold a Verizon stores, it introduced a cheaper WiFi only version for $599. The price of that version of the tablet has since dropped to $499.


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Motorola has great products and I'm glad to see them undercutting iPad pricing.

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