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Mountain goat suspected in death of hiker

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Authorities in Washington state have stated that they suspect a mountain goat may be responsible for the death of a 63-year-old hiker. The incident took place in Olympic National State Park. The hiker was injured and died from his injuries hours later and authorities believe it may have been a run-in with a mountain goat that was behind it all.

Robert H. Boardman from Port Angeles was hiking near the area known as the Klahhane Ridge when the incident occurred. While officials have not stated the exact nature and extent of his injuries they stated they were consistent with injuries sustained from an attack by a mountain goat. Boardman was found alive but died of his injuries hours later at Port Angeles Hospital

Territorial animals

Although attacks from mountain goats are rare they are not impossible. The animals are very large and have evolved to be adapted for life living at high elevations and on mountainous areas. They can stand as much as three feet at the shoulder to the waist. Male goats are also known to develop exceptionally long horns.

The animals can be extremely territorial. They are also exceedingly protective of their young, particularly the females. Mountain goats have been known to attack each other and engage in battles with other goats to protect their territory. They will also attack anything they perceive as a threat to their territory or, in particular, their young.

No information about the goat that is suspected of attacking Boardman. However, authorities did say that the animal had been hunted down and killed. They are now taking the animal to a veterinary pathologist for an autopsy and analysis. They want to make sure the animal was not diseased in any way that might have caused the attack.

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