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Mystery missile launch off of coast of Southern California

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A traffic helicopter from the Los Angeles area caught the mysterious contrail as it ripped upwards from the ocean into the sky but no one seems to know who launched the missile. The launch happened sometime on Monday and the Pentagon and the Navy say they are investigating but neither knows who could have launched what appeared to be a missile into the sky.

According to some experts the missile was most likely an intercontinental ballistic missile test. Some have even suggested that the U.S. Navy was the likely source of the missile and that it might have been a demonstration of strength to Korea in order to prove that the United States can easily launch a missile capable of reaching Asia. This is all conjecture, however, by experts on local Los Angeles media

Missile Launch Caught on camera

The photos that ran during the late evening news in and around Los Angeles were striking. The photos show a long contrail extending up into the sky from the ocean. It looks reminiscent of a space shuttle launch or something of that nature. According to traffic helicopter pilots it was estimated that the launch happened about 35 miles north of Catalina Island.

There are theories that the launch might also have been an accident. News organizations have contacted the Navy and the Pentagon. Word is that both have said they are checking into the incident but that neither was sure who had done the launch. Military officials reportedly told Los Angeles news stations that a military test of that nature would not have been conducted so close to the city. The U.S. Navy is reported to have informed inquirers about the plume of smoke that they had no scheduled military tests or maneuvers scheduled for that time or area.

Other officials have speculated that it might have been a “commercial launch of some kind.” Another suggestion is that amateur rocket builders might have built something capable of producing the huge plume of smoke.


I know, I have many family members and friends out there. This is potentially very scary.

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