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Naperville, Illinois, police warn female residents about crime spree

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The police of the western Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL, are warning women about a series of shocking smash-and-grab attacks against residents in recent weeks.

The police are warning women that several of these attacks have happened in broad daylight. The attackers walk up to vehicles, smash the windows, reach in and grab purses and other valuables. Police are looking for the public to help them by providing information about the potential burglars.

According to media reports, the police have dubbed the suspects the "Felony Lane Gang." There have been 60 reported cases in and around Naperville. There were six such cases just in the past week.

What is surprising and concerning to the police is the fact that many of the crimes have been taking place in broad daylight. They are also definitely targeting women. In addition to grabbing valuables out of the car, the thieves are also stealing IDs and bank account information.

So far the criminals have targeted locations where they feel women drivers are more likely to leave their purses in the car. They have hit female targets in the parking lots of fitness centers, parks and day care centers. So far the thieves have made off with roughly $100,000 worth of goods.

The suspects are described as both male and female. They have been found driving rental vehicles with Florida license plates. The police are advising that women be cautious and not leave anything of value in their cars.

The Naperville police say that they are working closely with local, state and federal officials on the case. They are also hoping that people in the public might have seen something and will come forward. Anyone who has seen anything is encouraged to contact the Park District police at 630-848-5050.

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