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National Weather Service predicts mild fall

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For those who seem adverse to cold weather, the National Weather Service today said that they were predicting a fairly mild fall season.

According to the NWS this coming fall season should be very mild, which could be a relief to many who are weather weary. This comes after a past winter that brought intense snow, cold and blizzards to much of the country. Of course, this was then followed by a summer with intense heat and drought in some areas and intense rain, flooding and storms in other parts of the country.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this fall could be somewhat similar to last fall. In 2010, the last 80 degree day came to the Chicago area on October 11. After that weather in the 70s and higher-than-normal temps were recorded in the Chicago area and areas around the Great Lakes well into November.

The NWS meteorologists who released the prediction, however, did so with caution in the message. They stated that their predictions for last winter and this summer ended up being fairly accurate. However, they caution that fall can be much harder to predict, as such, their prediction could end up going either way. One meteorologist stated that he said the accuracy of the prediction was around 40%.

Overall the National Weather Service stated that the overall trend over the past several years has been toward milder falls. This is not a prediction about how mild or intense this coming winter will be, however.

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