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NBC decides to cancel underwhelming “Playboy Club”

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The first of the major network’s new shows has been canceled and the first one to go is the 1960s vibe set piece called The Playboy Club.

The show was an attempt to cash in on the retro-vibe that has become popular with the success of shows such as Mad Men. However, the show debuted with a cloud of controversy and anemic numbers. Those ratings only declined with the new episodes and that has led NBC to pull the plug on the entire project.

According to media reports, the move does not come as much of a surprise to industry experts. There were many who felt that the premise of the show would have worked better on a cable network rather than a major network that would have to operate under severe content restrictions. Mad Men, for example, runs on the AMC channel which allows it some greater creative freedom and has slightly looser regulations on content.

Only 5 million people tuned in for the premier of the show despite the tremendous hype that the network pumped into the show. With each episode, the ratings fell. When the last episode, the third episode, ran just this past week it pulled in only 3.4 million viewers.

After just three episodes, NBC felt it was too expensive to continue and decided to cancel the rest of the season. The plans are for the show to be replaced by a new news magazine show hosted by the NBC news anchor, Brian Williams. In the meantime, the slot will be filled with reruns of other NBC shows.

So far there have been no plans announced to show the remaining season of The Playboy Club on any other channel.

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