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Necklace from famous Titanic disaster stolen in Denmark

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A necklace worn by a passenger on the ill-fated cruise liner Titanic was stolen from a display in a Denmark museum.

The necklace was part of a traveling exhibition known as “Titanic, the Exhibition.” The show opened in April of this year and had been scheduled to run in the Denmark location until December 30. The necklace was stolen from an exhibition hall in Copenhagen’s Tivoli Park.

According to media reports, the necklace was valued at about 14,00 euros, which comes to just over 19,000 dollars. The necklace belonged to passenger Eleanor Widener, who was a survivor of the disaster that claimed almost 2,000 lives. The company that put together the exhibit is now offering a $1,000 reward for any information that will return the necklace.

Eleanor Widener was part of one of he wealthiest families that traveled on that tragic voyage. For those who know anything about Harvard University might remember the name after the Widener Library located on campus and named after the family.

Those involved in the exhibit and looking for the necklace state that this should not be confused with the fictional necklace worn and sought after in the movie “Titanic.” That necklace was not real, created solely for the purposes of the film.

The Titanic sailed in 1912 and was traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States. The supposedly indestructible ship struck an iceberg. The ship sank in just under two hours and thousands were left onboard. Many froze to death or drowned in the freezing cold waters.

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