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New DVDs out today include a couple of thrillers and one for hockey fans

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Just about all of the big critically acclaimed movies that came out last year have been released on DVD, which means that the movies from the beginning of 2012 are now hitting the shelves.

This week, some of the movies that came out at the beginning of the year are now coming to home viewing. This is a mixed blessing, as many of the Hollywood studios tend to use the beginning of the year as the place to dumb the turkeys that they didn’t want to release during the holiday season. However, there are a couple of movies out today that were critically acclaimed and that includes a very disturbing psychological thriller and a comedy about hockey.

The new movies out on DVD for May 29, 2012 are:

Man on a Ledge – Elizabeth Banks, Sam Worthington, Ed Harris. A thriller that received very mixed reviews when it came out this past January. A man who was a former cop and accused of a crime he did not commit escapes from custody and then holds the city’s attention by standing on a ledge in the middle of downtown. What no one knows is that the whole ledge thing is just a cover while his two friends attempt to break into a nearby office building and safe to steal a valuable diamond and, somehow, also manage to clear his name. Rated PG-13.

Coriolanus – Ralph Fiennes, Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain. Shakespeare as done by Fiennes in a role that he played on the London stage to much acclaim. This play may not be as well known as many of The Bard’s other plays, but it involves some familiar themes. A man who is celebrated as a hero ends up betrayed by the city that he has helped defend, which causes him to make peace with his one time enemy to seek revenge against the city and politicians who betrayed him. The film uses Shakespeare’s words while also adding a contemporary feel by having the armies using guns and tanks and bombs and such. The film was also directed by Fiennes in his directorial debut. Rated R.

Goon – Sean Williams Scott, Live Schreiber, Jay Baruchel. The one for the hockey fans here with this comedy. Scott plays a man who loves to watch hockey. One day, while sitting in the stands with a friend who likes to shout insults to the players on the ice, he ends up defending his friend when one of the players climbs into the stands to fight. He gets noticed for his fighting ability and the fact that he cannot skate and can barely play the game seems incidental to the coaches of the minor league team that recruits him. They want him to be an enforcer for their team, which means that they want him to beat the hell out of players on the other team who are trying to beat the hell out of members of his own team. He also has to defend the old-timer on his own team who is trying to close out his career with a few wins. The comedy was praised, but the film also has a touching side that many felt elevated the film beyond its genre. Rated R.

Gone – Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley. The second thriller in the group. This one also came out at the beginning of the year to decidedly mixed reviews. Seyfried plays a woman who was kidnapped by a notorious serial killer, but managed to escape before he could murder her. Years later, however, and with that killer still at large, her sister ends up in his clutches. When she cannot make the authorities believe that her sister is in the hands of the same man who grabbed her, she set out to find him and her. Rated PG-13.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly, Ezra Miller. A movie that garnered praise and awards for Swinton when it was released last year, this is a movie that is deeply disturbing. Swinton is a mother who, for some reason, just seems as if she cannot connect in a maternal way with her son. While the rest of her family sees a wonderful boy, she sees that he may be profoundly and deeply disturbed. Kevin, meanwhile, seems to take great delight in showing his mother that she is absolutely right and that he may, in fact, be a psychopath. When Kevin decides to take a gun to his school and create a bloodbath, can she find a way to connect with him at last and understand why he is the way he is? Rated R.

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