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No U.S. cities involved in alleged terror plot

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According to government officials it has been determined that there were no U.S. cities targeted in the alleged terror plot uncovered earlier this week. However, London plus cities in France and Germany were evidently targets.

The plot was uncovered earlier this week and seems to have involved militants located in Pakistan. The plot apparently involved simultaneous attacks in London, plus France and Germany. The investigation also delved into whether or not the plot involved any cities in the United States. However, counter-terrorism officials have announced to select members of the media that they have uncovered no U.S. link.

The plot would have resembled to those of Madrid and Mumbai

According to early reports the attack would have involved “commando-style” raids that would have been similar to attacks on the city of Madrid in 2008. Reports have also stated that the plots were in the early planning stages, but attacks were not imminent. During the Mumbai attacks groups of militants launched military-like assaults on select targets such as the Taj Mahal hotel and a train station in the center of the city.

Terrorism experts have said that this is a growing trend among militant groups. Groups inspired by Al Qaida have begun planning smaller-scale attacks which require less planning and are easier to carry out than 9/11-style attacks. Terrorism experts have said that such plots involve fewer people and are generally easier to carry out and can happen faster.

United States counter-terrorism officials have announced that the plot was actually uncovered about two weeks ago. That would have put the time right around the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

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