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Northwestern U now condemns sex toy demonstration

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The story of the professor who was teaching a human sexuality class at Northwestern University has grown more complex as the university has now reversed its initial defense of the demonstration.

The statement came out late this week from the president of Northwestern University and it reversed its original position in support of Professor Michael Bailey. At first, the university came to the defense of the professor, stating that the university encouraged their professors to teach difficult subject in new and interesting ways. Now, however, the president of the university has released a statement condemning the actions.

The statement appeared on the University’s website and states, "I have recently learned of the after-class activity associated with Prof. Michael Bailey’s Human Sexuality class, and I am troubled and disappointed by what occurred."

The professor scheduled the live demonstration for after class. He had given the students warning that there would be a question-and-answer session that would address sex fetishes followed by a sex toy demonstration. About 120 students showed up for the event and about half of them left before the live demonstration.

The president’s statement went on to say, "Although the incident took place in an after-class session that students were not required to attend and students were advised in advance, several times, of the explicit nature of the activity, I feel it represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member. I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary or in keeping with Northwestern University’s academic mission.

"Northwestern faculty members engage in teaching and research on a wide variety of topics, some of them controversial. That is the nature of a university. However, in this instance, I have directed that we investigate fully the specifics of this incident, and also clarify what constitutes appropriate pedagogy, both in this instance and in the future.

"Many members of the Northwestern community are disturbed by what took place on our campus. So am I."

At the same time, the woman who did the live demonstration has been defending herself. Her name is Faith Kroll and she is a self-proclaimed "exhibitionist." She has taken to the social media service known as Twitter to defend herself.

"Exhibitionism is not nudist," she Tweeted. "I liked being ME and don't chose to hide me in general. not just my body."

Kroll and her fiance performed the demonstration live on stage after the question-and-answer session ended. The question-and-answer session was conducted by Ken Melvoin-Berg who runs a tour company specializing in tours of that visit red-light districts and areas of past sex crimes around Chicago. He told the press that he had been asked to speak by the professor and was expecting to receive a fee between $300 and $500.

As for Kroll, she says she would do it again. She went on to Tweet, "I feel no shame n i would repeat my actions if the circumstances were the same [sic]."

The president of the University has declared that he wants a full investigation into what happened and why. Bailey’s class is extremely popular on campus and routinely gets over 600 students per semester.

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