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O’Hare Airport listed as most unsafe in the country

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A report by Travel + Leisure took a look at runway safety of all of the major airports in the country and Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport took the top spot.

The issue in the report deals with safety and security on the runway. According to the report, O’Hare has had about 75 close call runway incidents over the past five years. The report looked at a variety of incidents happening on the nation’s runways from near collisions to people wandering out onto the tarmac.

According to media reports, the report singled out a particular incident as typical of what happens too often at O’Hare. Back in 2006 a United Airlines 737 jet was picking up speed in order to take off. In the midst of that the pilot suddenly spotted an Atlas Air 747 rolling right into its path. The United Airlines pilot acted quickly, and managed to avoid the collision, by a mere 120 feet.

O’Hare is undergoing a number of changes to expand. The reported total cost of the expansion comes in at about $6.6 billion. It includes adding new runways and expanding existing ones.

The report by T + L went on to cite other airports that also have had a large number of close calls. Coming in number two is Cleveland’s Hopkins Airport. That airport reportedly had 45 incidents in the past five years.

Number three on the list is Los Angeles International Airport. LAX had 60 incidents in the past five years, but has enacted a number of programs to try and educate pilots and other airline employees about the dangers and proper procedures.

Number four on the list is San Francisco International Airport. A total of 55 incidents were recorded there.

The final airport listed was number five. That is Honolulu International Airport. That airport had a reported 30 incidents in the past five years.

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