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Ozzie Guillen out as manager of the White Sox

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The man known for his fiery rhetoric and mouth without a filter, not to mention the first manager in decades to bring a World Series championship to Chicago, is out as White Sox manager.

The announcement came on Monday night after the White Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays. After that, Guillen will no longer be with the team for the few remaining games of the season. This comes after leading the team to two division titles and a World Series Championship back in 2005.

According to media reports, the rumors of Guillen leaving the team has been circulating for months now. The 2011 season has been a disappointing one or all involved in the White Sox organization.

Guillen was officially released from the remainder of his contract on Monday. He is now free to pursue other managerial opportunities. The rumor is that he will be required to pay something back to the White Sox if he does get another managerial position right away. There are still more rumors that he could be in line for a managerial position with the Florida Marlins.

Guillen leaves the Sox with a record of 678-617 over the course of eight seasons. He also broke the decades-long drought of no World Series Championships in the city of Chicago. Prior to 2005, the White Sox had not bee in the Series since the 1950s and had not won a championship since the early 1900s.

Guillen was also a lightning rod for controversy. He was known for his foul language, liberally sprinkling f-bombs and other curse words throughout his talks with the media. He was also notorious for getting into fights with members of the media and even had to take sensitivity training at one point after using a slur in reference to one sports’ columnists sexuality.

To many, however, much of this antics were to take the pressure off of his players. Usually his language and controversy spiked during times when the team was losing.

If Guillen returns to the Florida Marlins it will be a homecoming for him there, as well. He was the team’s third-base coach for the team when it won a World Series Championship back in 2003.

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