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Peace with Palestine is impossible, says Israeli official

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Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman stated that, given the current conditions between the two sides, peace between them is impossible.

Lately the two sides in the decades-long conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians have been trying to return to the negotiation table. However, the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, stated that he thinks peace between the two sides, currently, is “impossible.” He has suggested that Israel seek a “lesser deal” than absolute peace between the two sides.

Things have been ratcheting up between the two sides. Rocket attacks on southern Israel, with rockets fired from the Palestinian side, have been on the increase. In response the Israeli air force has been stepping up air strikes. Just over the weekend Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinians who were on the Israeli border.

Lieberman told a conference of Israeli diplomats that the country should forget about seeking a total peace agreement given the current political climate between the two countries. Instead, Israel, he said, should seek a long-term, but interim, agreement that would focus on security and economic issues. Almost immediately Palestinians shot down the idea and have shot down similar agreements in the past.

Lieberman went even further stating that the Palestinian negotiating party, which are part of the West Bank Palestinian Authority, are not a legitimate political party. Therefore, he thinks that not only is negotiating peace with the group impossible but “forbidden.”

The two sides had been at the negotiation table up until September when things broke down. The major dispute is over the Israeli contention that they should be allowed to continue building homes and communities in an area the Palestinians consider their home, along the West Bank and parts of eastern Jerusalem. Israel had halted building for a time, but resumed again earlier this year.

It took some time but the two sides have been making overtures towards coming back to the negotiation table. Lieberman has made statements like this in the past and is known for having a more conservative or hard-line stance against the Palestinians. In between the two sides is the United Stats who has been acting as a kind of mediator while the two sides try to determine if they can be at the same table at the same time together again.

The Palestinians replied by stating that most governments of the world recognize the West Bank Authority as a legitimate government. Spokesman for the Palestinians also said that they would not accept any kind of interim agreement. They have also stated that they would not consider negotiating again until Israel stops building in the West Bank.

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