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Pennsylvania game warden shot and killed after traffic stop

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David L. Grove was looking for animal poachers when he pulled over a vehicle late Thursday evening when gunfire erupted. According to authorities, Grove was wounded and died in a short exchange of gunfire. Authorities have detained Chritopher Lynn Johnson, early Friday, and were looking to bring charges against him.

The incident occurred in Freedom Township, which is not far from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Johnson, according to state officials, also suffered a gunshot wound but it was not considered life threatening and he was receiving treatment at a local hospital.

First commissioner killed since 1915

The local Pennsylvania gaming commission said they were in shock over the incident. They released a statement saying that Grove was “bright” and “highly educated.” He had graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in wildlife and fisheries science.

The authorities also stated that Grove is the first game commissioner to lose his life in the line of duty in such a manner since 1915. He is only the third game commissioner to lose their life since 1895, when the commission was founded.

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